Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The horror!

Okay, so you all know by know that I live on the edge of the city. City enough that we have closely monitored 1-2 hour parking out front and homeless people and such. And industrial buildings nearby. Including one that was recently sold. It's an interesting building. If you walk by, down in the basement is a vast layout of sewing machines and busy workers.  Upstairs was an art gallery and out back is an auto detailing firm and a frame shop, but the art gallery didn't work out so much and I think that is now the part of the building that was sold.  They painted the outside of the building a dark grey/light black (which I, incidentally DO NOT LIKE!) but we didn't know what was going in there until this past week.

People, this building is a concrete block. No windows, just concrete walls and a few garage doors. And I drove by one day and noticed that the garage door was open. And when I looked in, I was horrified to see that the space was now full of cubicles and computer monitors. Cubicles! Inside a window-less concrete block!  I almost broke out in hives, just looking at it. Could you imagine working in a cubicle inside a windowless building?

This weekend when we drove by the other side of the building, where the office is, we saw that they had the company name up in the window. This space is now occupied by Tippr, one of the more interesting of the deal-a-day sites that have popped up. 

I have absolutely no affiliation with this site, whatsoever. I'm not even enrolled as a customer. But I felt the urge to write and let you know that the employees are working in a cubicle inside a windowless concrete building. I'm claustrophobic and can barely breathe at the mere thought of working in that sort of environment. And for that reason, with NOTHING to gain for myself, I urge you to check out the site and what they have to offer.

In other news- Ethan woke up with a cold this morning, so we stayed close to home, except to rent Toy Story 3 from my beloved Redbox. Great movie! I'd heard that it could get a little scary for kids, and I believe that at some parts, particularly at the end. Vivian lost interest and wasn't paying attention to the end, and Ethan did fine, since he was at home in a familiar environment with his stuffed animals. So if you are renting it with little ones, I think you'll be okay, but maybe be prepared and have distractions on hand for the last bit . But for yourself, if you're a mom, have many tissues on hand. Far too much kids growing up and outgrowing beloved toys and rooms and moms to be able to handle without crying :)

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Andrea said...

yeah, I totally cried at the end in the theater.

I wanted to buy the box set of all 3 movies the other day (since we don't have any) and it was $80!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA? We'll be waiting on that purchase. But they are all great movies and my kids love them.