Saturday, November 6, 2010

Conversations with a 3-year-old

Ethan is a talker. He pretty much talks all the time, whether we understand him or not.  And he gets fixated on certain conversations and we have them, over and over. On Tuesday night (election night), before bed, we were praying and I said something like "help us to remember that, even when things seem like a mess, you are God and you are in control." Ethan woke up the next morning and his first phrase was "messGodcontrol". And that's been his favorite topic of conversation since then.  It sparked an entertaining conversation in the car on Friday night.

E: Monsters at the door.
Me: There aren't monsters at the door.
E: Boy scared.
Me: There aren't monsters and you don't have to be scared. God's with you and you can ask him for help if you're scared.
E: MessGodcontrol.
Me: That's right, God's in control.
E: Where'sGod.
Me: He's everywhere and he can hear you when you talk to him.
E: Hi God!
Me: That's right. Okay, let's try being quiet for a few minutes while we drive home.
(Repeat pretty much this identical conversation several more times)
Daniel: Ethan, I think Baby is bored. You should try talking to Baby for a while. Tell her what you see. Do you see other cars and trucks?
E: Baby! 
V: (Giggling)
E: Baby! Monster at the door!
V: (Giggling)
Me and Daniel: Sigh.

:) Ethan's pretty severely speech delayed, but he's finally getting to the point where we can have semi-conversations with him. And we're getting to the point where we have to be SO careful about what we say, since he repeats everything.  I often use the phrase "that kicked my butt", but now I have to watch that, since it results in me being followed around by a little boy saying "buttbuttbutt".  I do love watching the kids grow up though- they're both such real little people now, with so many opinions and thoughts and activities.  It's scary to be trusted with these two little lives!  Thankfully I have a fabulous husband, and even more thankfully, God is in control!

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Andrea said...

LOL- That's cute. I remember when Emma started talking her favorite quote was "I'm hungry" and my own Mom was horrified at how she would just be trying to make conversation, but think I never fed her...ha ha