Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas card photos

As soon as the calendar gets to October, I start getting nervous. Because I know that, at some point in the next month or so, I need to get a perfect not horrible photo of our family.  My kids do an okay job with pictures, but I take a lot of them for my own obsessive reasons and for the review blog. So they do get a little annoyed with being photographed sometimes. And right now Vivian's in a stage where she's obsessed about looking at the pictures on the camera screen, so she and I are always in a race. Me trying to get a picture of her before she moves, and her trying to get up from wherever I've put her so that she can get to me and look at the back of the camera.

Never a dull moment :)

But I think I finally did get a few pictures of the kids that will work for the Christmas card. I'm going the separate good photos rather than one less good photo route this year. 

I was tempted to use these early morning photos. Vivian has the craziest hair in the mornings. It's mostly your typical Asian-person hair, but she has the teeny tinest bit of a wave, so it gets all matted and nuts when she is sleeping or sitting in her carseat.  This same morning Ethan woke up with weird hair too. 
Can you see how it's sticking STRAIGHT up in front and back? Craziness :)

A little less dramatic. But still funny.

Anyone else working on Christmas card pictures these days?

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Andrea said...

I'm still thinking about Thanksgiving. Lots of pressure on a card maker from the family to get cards out every holiday. I get complaints about skipping Labor Day and Memorial day...:-P

Megan is my crazy hair gal. Hers is super wavy, and I think will end up being curly...but for now, is....special