Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday stuff

What is it about Thursdays that make me write random blog posts? I have no idea, but here's another one.

1) Vivian is talking now. A lot. Most of her conversations are still incomprehensible, but she has figured out how to clearly say important phrases like "pleeezz, cookies!"  I'm so proud :)  It still catches us offguard that she's talking so much.  And she can follow basic instructions too, which is fabulous.  I will soon have two little people who can do simple tasks for me! Cheap labor!

2) When I get overstressed, I get stomach flu or something along those lines. I spent the day before my wedding throwing up, and it's happened several other times as well. Yesterday all the travel and lack of sleep (thanks, Vivian's new molar!) caught up with me and I spent the day being sick.  The best part was when I was throwing up and the kids came to play in the bathroom with their toys. It didn't phase them even remotely :)

3) I'm so excited- tomorrow we're going to see the Harry Potter Exhibition!  I've read articles about this exhibition in other cities and I am counting down the hours until I get to see it! Should be great fun and tide me over until the next movie comes out.

4) On a completely different note, I just found out today that I get to volunteer for WorldVision next weekend at the Women of Faith conference here in Seattle. I'm thrilled about this- I love WorldVision and all the great work they do. My family has three sponsored kids, and I've loved being a sponsor. Our oldest sponsored child has been a part of our family for over 5 years now, and she calls our kids her younger brother and sister.  It's been an amazing experience and I look forward to sharing that with other women at the conference and hopefully getting them to sign up to be sponsors as well! And I get to attend the conference for free, which is great. I can use the encouragement- and my budget can only handle free these days, so it's a perfect match-up.

5) I'm making homemade yogurt today, for the first time. My mom had a yogurt maker when I was a kid, and when I got a gift certificate recently, it seemed like a good thing to get. We eat so much yogurt, and I'm trying to really watch what my family eats, so hopefully it'll work out well! Unfortunately it takes 12 hours per batch, so I have 7 hours still to go until I know how this experiment has turned out...

6) The kids are getting serious cabin fever and the sun has come out, so I should stop being random and go outside. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Ashley said...

That's so cool you're going to the Harry Potter exhibit! I want to go so bad!