Friday, October 22, 2010

This week really needs to end already

Today is Friday, which means it's trek over to Children's Hospital day.  Not my favorite drive in rush hour traffic, but I'm still grateful every time to live within driving distance of such a great facility.  Ethan's therapist had a student in with her today, which meant that Ethan was all gaga over the new girl and actually ate several bites of breakfast without having to be physically restrained. That's huge for him. Unfortunately we later found out that he's lost a pound and a half in the past 2 weeks. Darn it.

We're now playing the waiting game with both the school district and with the one therapy place in the area (that I've found out about, at least) that deals with kids with Sensory Processing Disorder who are over the age of three. Most therapy places around here don't deal with kids over 3, since they are technically the school district's responsibility at that point. Thankfully there is one good place around and the wait list is only 2-4 months for that, so we have hopes for the future. I have no idea if/when we'll hear from the school about his speech therapy, but I'm encouraged at least by the fact that he will hopefully be getting other therapy elsewhere. His current OT thinks that most of his issues actually can be helped and that he won't be dealing with all this permanently. I'm praying that she's right.

In addition to Ethan's stuff, we're also stressed because we have a new renter at our rental property and she simply hasn't paid her rent this month. She doesn't seem to understand why we're upset either.  So that's been a fun thing to deal with and has required much juggling on our end to cover the mortgage, etc. Doing a lot of praying for patience around here, let me tell you.

BUT! I am going to the Harry Potter Exhibition tonight and all reports from last night's preview indicate that it is VERY cool!

Oh and tomorrow I start my "Ease into 10K training" (yes, that's an actual program, one for people who have run before, but have been off it for a little while. More intense than Couch to 10K, less intense than Bridge to 10K.  Who knew!). I've rested from the shin splints for 6 weeks, and can walk without pain, so I think it's time to get back out there and get moving again! Wish me luck!

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