Saturday, October 2, 2010

Still humbled

I have been dragging myself and my kids to Seattle's Children's Hospital every single week for the last few months, and more often than I'd like for the past year and a half before that.  And never once do I set foot on the campus without being absolutely overwhelmed by the courage of the parents and kids who are there, and the dedication of the staff that works there. Walking into the main building is like walking into a hug from people who tell me from the front door "we're here to help. We're here with you."

Our therapy appointments are on Friday mornings, and it seems like every Thursday night I see a TV commercial for Children's Hospital and I break down in tears. Ethan's issues are so scary and overwhelming, but he isn't fighting for his life.  And yes, it's costing us a good bit of money, but we can manage and we are not in any way having to choose between food and medical care or any other basic need. It's more like Starbucks and a new shirt for Mommy that have to go away. Or maybe I have to write one or two more sponsored posts on my other blog, but whatever, we are fine.  I know SO, SO many other families are not in as good of a place as we are.

Today Ethan did not cooperate with his OT at all. He is a giant flirt, and as a rule does whatever pretty girls say, but apparently today she tipped the scale into familiarity and he was done. He did all the things that he does at home during every meal. And she looked at me at the end of the hour and said "I'm so sorry that you have to go through this every day." We're still going to keep trying feeding therapy for the next while, and I do believe it is helping a little. But even his ever-so-patient OT said today that she thinks his sensory issues are much bigger than she can handle, and that, as far as she sees it, he's probably going to need sensory therapy in the future.

And still no word from Seattle Public Schools about the paperwork for the first stage of getting him in for screening. I hate waiting.

But, in less cranky news, we had a fun morning with friends yesterday! I threw a party for something over at the review blog and all of my church friends couldn't make it, but Liz and Maggie came and it was so nice to chat with friends for a while.  I've missed that a lot.

And, in other really good news- Ethan's not fighting his glasses! We picked them up on Wednesday and he's been pretty good about them since then. I'm wondering just how bad his vision was before, because this is a kid who hates having anything near his face, but he's been fine with glasses.  We're all praying that the vision correction affects some of these other problems.

We have another busy weekend ahead of us- including an outing for me tomorrow with one of my best friends and without any husband or little people. I am so excited!!!

The kids at Factoria Mall's Children's Museum

Happy weekend, everyone!

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