Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleep, or the lack thereof

Vivian has never really been a good sleeper.  And I have no one to blame but myself, as my family is not really known for sleeping much and she's probably just taking after us. But still, it's getting old. She's still getting up almost every night and ends up in our bed, taking up the middle 95% or so. Daniel has actually fallen out of bed multiple times trying to keep out of her way. Thankfully our bed is low to the ground.

We know this is a terrible habit, but if she cries she wakes up Ethan and us and possibly the neighbors, since we live in a tiny condo in a condo building.  And when I've tried to have her cry it out, she's gone on for two hours before we gave up.

Our newest theory is that maybe she hates being enclosed? She sleeps in the crib to start with and then sometimes ends up in the pack n play in our room, but once she wakes up for the first time in the night (she's a terribly light sleeper, so everything bugs her), she sits up and demands out. She'll fall asleep in her crib at night, but after she's used up that one sleep, that's it.

Yesterday she got up at 5:15, ate breakfast and went back to sleep for about 5 minutes in her pack n play.  Then I put her in our bed alone (we were up and about) and she slept happily for several more hours.  So we're actually considering converting her crib to a toddler bed. But she's so young still, it seems such a drastic move! We'll have to wait until we get back from visiting my family before we do anything, but we're getting kind of desperate.

Has anyone else moved their kid to a real bed very young? Any advice on a non-sleeper in a tiny home?

In other news, I've started packing for the trip next week. Mainly the carry ons, because those are going to contain all the most important things anyway! I can't believe our trip is almost here...


Jen said...

I'm not a mom (yet!), but I would say if it works for her, go for it. My only caution would be it might be hard to keep her *in* the bed all night. But guard rails might help with that.

Karen said...

You can try anything you want, if it doesn't work just go back to the old way. I have a hunch that she'll still find her way into your bed regardless of where she starts out.

If you really want to break the family bed situation you're in, I'm going to make the horribly unpopular suggestion of moving Ethan out of their shared room for awhile and doing what you need to do to help her learn to self soothe and go back to sleep in her bed on her own when she wakes up at night.

Andrea said...

I agree with Karen- if moving her doesn't work, you can always put her back into her crib.

We moved Emma into a bed (actually a mattress on the floor because I was paranoid of her falling out) when she was 20 months old because she was climbing out. Megan is 18 months and just starting to try and climb out so I'm thinking she'll be in a bed soon too.

She's ending up in your bed for a few reasons I think. First, you're there and you're a comfort to her, she doesn't want to be alone. Second, I'd be willing to bet that her mattress is SERIOUSLY less comfortable than yours. And third, maybe something is waking her up in the middle of the night.

Megan wakes up when someone flushes the toilet (even though we have a rain machine we keep on LOUDLY)when the sprinklers come on, when the A/C comes on. So I'm paranoid about all of those things. Could there be something waking Vivian up in the middle of the night? And once she's awake and sees she's not with you....she wants to be in your comfy bed and smells like you. :-)