Friday, October 8, 2010


Thanks for the suggestions on the sleep post yesterday. We tried putting Vivian in the toddler bed last night, since Ethan is always happy for an excuse to sleep in the crib anyway, and she just spent the whole time climbing out. So never mind on that idea.  Good suggestion though on putting Ethan elsewhere until she learns to self-soothe and get back to sleep. I think we'll try that when we get back from our trip.

People. The trip. I started packing our carry-on bags yesterday and I'm pretty sure that army invasions of foreign countries have needed less stuff.  It's insane.  Fortunately I am a fabulous organizer, so saved these plastic cases that my ugly chair covers came in, and they're a perfect size for stuff. So I have one case with extra clothes and diapers for each kid, so we can quickly grab that and go, as needed, as well as one case for each kid with snacks and stuff, so we can quickly pull that out to get it through security.  On that note- hoping that the security guard and I see eye-to-eye about a "reasonable amount of baby food, juice and milk" for the trip.  We will be getting to the airport at 4AM our time and getting to my parents' city at 3PM our time, so that's a lot of hours to provide snacks for. This is one time I'm thankful that Ethan doesn't eat. :)

On an unrelated note, have you guys seen this National Costume Swap thing? I'm so excited about it and am dropping off three barely worn costumes today at one of the locations.  Then tomorrow I'm going to return to hopefully find something for Ethan to wear.  At this rate he's going to be trick-or-treating at the mall cleverly disguised as a three-year-old-with-glasses.

Anyhoo- time to get moving. We have a busy day today and many things to get checked off the to-do list!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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