Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Ethan's Sunday School class (yes, the 3 year olds!) is supposed to be performing in front of the whole church on Sunday. We have no clue how this will go for any of the kids, but Ethan's participation is a particularly large question mark, since his SPD tends to make new situations and transitions really not likely to happen.  But we've been talking it through and discussing with him what to expect, and practicing his songs.  Here's an amusing clip from last night's practice session. Apologies to the one of you who is also my Facebook friend and who is probably getting tired of seeing me post this everywhere :)


Andrea said...

LOL- to the ONE of you...I think they are so cute, I even watched it again and showed my girls. They sang along.

Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Sooo cute! They are just adorable!