Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's Autumn here in Seattle and so far it's a glorious one. Way better than the stinker of a summer that we had.  I'm dreaming of pumpkin patches and walks down the sidewalks covered in crunchy leaves. We head back East next week (AAAHHHH!!!!!!), so will get our fill there of glorious fall colors, something that I don't get enough of living in the city.

We've been doing a few fall-ish things here lately. Like trying on Halloween costumes and doing nature walks.  Yes, me, doing a nature walk. It was in the city, so don't be too impressed.

Anyway, since I haven't subjected you to photos of the kids lately, I thought I would share today.  Happy Wednesday!
Probably the costume of choice. Too cute!

I couldn't get Ethan to wear this last year either

Our cat, Jenny, looking very confused by Vivian's lion costume

Yes, I did take photos and laugh at Vivian instead of taking the costume off. For a minute or two, tops

This finally won me over and the lion was banished

Where we started our "nature" walk

Looking for bugs

Playing on the grass

Bringing Mommy a present


Another hug

I love this city!

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