Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vivian- 15 months old!

I know everyone is saying this these days- but where did the summer go! September?  And how did my baby get to be 15 months old?  So crazy!

We had Vivian's 15-month appointment today. She weighs in at 19.8 pounds which is actually somewhere just below the 10th percentile. She seems so big to us after Mr. Skinny Pants, so I was really surprised by that.  I also was surprised to see that Ethan actually weighed 21 pounds at 15 months, so he was actually bigger than she was at this age!  I totally had forgotten that he had a pretty good run of weight there at about a year and a half old, after he started eating solids and before the Evil Stomach Flu of 2009, from which he never really recovered.  Good to be reminded that he ate once and might again some day!

Anyway- Vivian is healthy and happy and hitting all her milestones. She only cried a little for her shots-although I'm pretty sure she's plotting some sort of revenge against me for letting them stick her with needles.  I'm kind of scared of what she might come up with. I'm fairly certain that both of my kids are smarter than I am at this point :)

And, on good Ethan news- he gained weight! I'm shocked, since he hasn't been doing well with the organized  mealtime thing, but when I think about it, he has been drinking more of his supplement drink.  If we can continue to get him to both take in calories with his drinks and work on getting the idea of eating down, that's ideal. So hopefully this upward trend will continue at our next few weekly weight checks!

Oh, and in cake news- as I mentioned Tuesday, I had a bad day and made a chocolate cake. Ate a piece, sent the rest to work with Daniel to get it out of the house- and on Wednesday got two fancy cake mixes for the review blog. The universe is conspiring against my waistline. I have got to get my leg better and get running again if I'm going to eat these cakes!

Other than the doctor's visit- we enjoyed a nice outing with friends this morning, now are hanging out in the sunshine at home and trying to enjoy these last few days of nice weather before the rain returns. We have plans to go to the fair on Sunday, so I'm hoping the rain will hold off a little while longer than predicted. I need nice weather when I leave the city to go see cows and chickens!

Some photos and a video of my little 15-month-old!

More evidence that she might actually be my daughter- I keep finding her curled up in bed with a book

1 and 1/4 year old!

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