Monday, September 13, 2010

Update on the King 5 Parenting Blog contest

After much thought and deliberation- I asked that my blog be removed from consideration for the King 5 Best Parenting Blog contest  It was causing me way too much angst in completely different ways. First, I was nervous that the nomination would cause people to actually read my blog (making it more difficult for me to be honest about things) and possibly result in someone who knows me in real life finding the blog.

And on the complete opposite side of my emotions (I am so totally irrational these days), I kind of wanted to do well and was getting way too wrapped up in checking the votes and overly sad when my blog started sinking in the ratings- even though I completely and 100% agree that the blogs that are winning (and some that aren't) deserve votes more than mine. And if there's one thing I've learned lately- it's that if I'm in a non-important situation and it's affecting my moods, I need to reconsider being in that situation.

Some of my favorite local bloggers are up for this award and they deserve your votes. There are some amazing blogs nominated- blogs on which moms share their beautiful writing and frequently make me smile and nod with agreement. So, if you voted for me, thanks so much, but  my blog is no longer on the list, so now you can go vote for another one of the fabulous blogs that is nominated. Happy voting!

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