Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm going to be all over the place again today with my post, so I'm going to stick with the numbering system for a while.

1. Feeling much better emotionally today.  Of course, it is the weekend, but I'm also less hormonal than I was a few days ago and wondering if that's the source of my angst on Thursday. (TMI warning!!!) Since Vivian my periods have been a nightmare and I seem to be really insane right before them.  Thinking about talking to my doctor about birth control pills or something. Maybe it's more than just PMS, but hopefully my doctor will have an idea. I don't.

2.  Running my second 5K tomorrow! I'm going alone this time, since it's a Sunday morning event and Daniel's going to stay home and get the kids ready for church. If I make it back in time to get ready myself, we'll all go to church, otherwise he'll take Ethan and go alone. Darned one car.  Oh, and to answer someone's question about the possibility of us buying another car- it's not the money that keeps us a 1-car family- it's that we live in the city and only have one parking spot and parking nearby is by permit or only available for an hour or two at a time.  So that's not really a viable option. 

3. I'm amazed at how having a "label" for Ethan has already really changed how I'm looking at him and his actions. On the Manic Mommies podcast that I mentioned earlier this week, the podcaster was talking about the worries that parents have in having their child stuck with a label like ADHD or something like that.  And her guest pointed out that the child probably already had a label in other people's minds, but that it was just a label that didn't come along with resources and suggestions to help.  That's so true- knowing that Ethan has a sensory issue really makes a lot of the pieces fall into place.

As our OT was explaining- for Ethan everything in the world is enormously magnified.  It's like the volume of life is turned to super-high for him all the time. That's why he gets scared in new situations, he honestly just doesn't know how to process it. It gives me a lot more patience with him.

4. Speaking of the 5K- one of the former contestants from Biggest Loser is running tomorrow as well. I saw her today as I was checking in and picking up my stuff- she looks great!

5.  My dad, brother and sister-in-law are heading to Haiti this week with a group. If you could keep them in your prayers, I'd appreciate it. Especially since a hurricane is also heading that way.

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