Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This post is going to be all about ME!! I would f eel slightly bad about that except for a couple of things.

1) This is my blog and if you don't like me, stop reading it already.

2) I'm pretty sure that there are only about 4 people left reading anyway. :)

People- my level of terror and nervousness about joining a new home fellowship tomorrow is pretty much at the level of what I felt in 7th grade when my parents moved me from Washington State to Tennessee at the last moment and I was suddenly sans friends and plus my crush  (future blog post!) and in a world where people had been in middle school together already for a year and I knew no one.

On a really, really weird tangent- through Facebook I discovered that another girl in my enormous graduating class lives nearby.  Keep in mind that we went to high school in Tennessee and now live in Seattle. We never spoke in high school and now live 5 blocks apart. And still only communicate through Facebook because it's really weird.

I'm scared because, honestly, I'm a little lost as to my own identity, other than the whole mom-of-kids-who-are-not-going-to-behave-at-8-PM thing.  What am I? I've been hanging on to my masters' degree and semi-job for so long, and now that's gone.

So I just don't even have the remotest clue as to what to say tomorrow when people ask us to introduce ourselves. Hopefully Daniel will jump in with something and we'll be able to fudge for a while until I get my life back on a bit more solid ground.


Spacebooke said...

The way I see it, anyone can get a masters degree and find a job, but ultimately in the paid work force we are all replaceable. As Ethan's and Vivian's mom you are irreplaceable. It's a very important position you hold. There is no shame in the position you hold as a fulltime SAHM right now. Some would say it's an enviable position (me... :) ) Be strong at your meeting! You have so much to offer this world and who you are is VERY important.

Andrea said...

I agree with the post below. You are implacable as your children's mother. When they grow up, they aren't going to remember all of this craziness when they were little. They won't remember when we lost our tempers, when we hid in the bathroom to cry (oh wait, that's me....I'm kidding....for now)and they won't remember the arguments we had with our spouses.

They will remember that their Mom loves them, spent time with them, loved their Daddy, quit her job to focus on them when they needed her undivided attention.

The more I talk to other Moms with kids of all ages, the more I realize that this crazy part of us is just something most people don't talk about. I think we should talk about it because knowing that we're not alone, or that we actually NORMAL is such a relief!

It's also hard for me to believe that you are scared of people! you're so outgoing and awesomely witty through blogging. So when they ask you to talk about yourself, just be honest. "Hi, I'm Carrie, being in new situations scares me, and I like coffee." They will say, "hi Carrie." and hand you said cup of coffee. Or maybe that's what happens at an AA meeting. But still.

I wish we lived closer, I'd TOTALLY hang out with you, and we could watch our kids fight to the death....lol j/k