Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The long-awaited phone call

Might I suggest again to not get pregnant in November?  November pregnancies mean August babies and that means much angst and endless discussions about when to start school and therefore when to start preschool and things like that. And there is not a worse time to have your child's 3-year-well child appointment show up any issue that might involve the school district. Because they are SWAMPED.

Anyway, we finally (hallelujah!) connected with the overworked people at the school district and I was able to answer lots and lots of questions about Ethan and his medical issues and his speech and things like that. And, honestly, I didn't know the answers to lots of them. Not hanging out around other kids Ethan's age means I don't really know what's normal, so I don't necessarily know where he's delayed, other than the obvious.  I also mentioned that, to be honest, the issues of his feeding have kind of taken up all my time and energy for the last while.  I don't have the mental capacity left for wondering if his fine motor skills are delayed- I'm just trying to get his weight up above the 5th percentile. 

The person I spoke with though was lovely and very understanding and now I'm at least hopeful that things are moving along.  Now we wait weeks for paperwork and have to deal with all that. But I have an odd secret love of filling out forms (so weird, I know!), so I'm not scared of that like I was scared of talking to them on the phone (because I have a phone phobia). 

In other news, I have to hugely apologize to Daniel tonight because I picked a fight with him yesterday for no reason other than I was stressed and he was around and therefore he got stuck with my insanity.  I feel like I have to apologize for being mean so often that I either need to 1) duct tape my mouth shut or 2) just record my apology and press play. Thank goodness he's patient and forgiving. 

And in other, other news, the sun came out. I don't think it's supposed to last much longer, so I need to pack up the kids and go soak up some sun. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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