Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm starting to think I have a split personality going on

People. This weekend rocked!  I love weekends. Love them! I totally thrive on busyness and plans and activities and my week generally has almost none of those.  So when the weekend comes and we are busy, then I am so happy! And I use even MORE exclamation points in my blog posts!!!  But exclamation points are so much better than woe-is-me-angst, right? :)

Yesterday was particularly great. It was Smithsonian Free Museum Day, so we headed down to the Museum of Flight, which we love and visit every year.
 Daniel and Vivian wait to tour the Concord supersonic jet
Ethan was too busy looking at things to look at Mommy

Then, after Vivian had a nap, we headed down to Seattle's newest park, South Lake Union Park. Seattle people- this place is going to rock! There's a boat pond with model boats, and a squirty fountain thing for kids to run through, and tons of place to run and play, and boats and seaplanes to watch, and even a little beach! I'm so glad to have a beach within walking distance and am more than a little sad that summer is over here. If you live nearby, come check out this great park with me sometime!

Even my non-eater couldn't resist the yummy Molly Moon ice cream

Did I mention that it was 75 and sunny yesterday? Gorgeous! It's raining today. I wanted to cry. 

Model boat pond

And we finished off the evening with our annual/semi-annual date night. One of my best friends graciously watches our kids every so often, and it's a highlight of our year. Last night we got to try out a nice new restaurant and attend the newest installment of our favorite play.  Just an all-around perfect day.  

Now off to fold the laundry so that I have things moderately ready for Monday morning!

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Ashley said...

It really was a completely gorgeous day that day, I loved it! And I've still never been to the Museum of Flight, but your post has inspired me to go sometime!

I'd love to get together with you again before my new baby comes! It's been too long!