Thursday, September 9, 2010

A good reminder and a good resource

We're still waiting to hear from the school district about Ethan's speech delay screening. Might I suggest that if you have a child with issues that may involve the school district- plan to put your issues off until a month that does not involve the start of school?  We are trying to balance on a fine line of staying in touch and making sure that things get going soon and not wanting to seem overly pushy, since we know the school district is swamped with the beginning of the school year.

But when I stop and realize just how many times I say to Ethan per day "I'm sorry honey, I just don't understand you", I get scared. My friends tell stories about things their kids say and I realize how much I'm lucky to know what Ethan is saying just a few times per day.

Anyway. I wanted to mention a few things lately that have really helped me. One is a post over on Motherhood is not for Wimps. I know that Ethan's issues are nothing like having a child with autism or some more major diagnosis, but this is still a place I never expected to be, and I needed the reminder that this is still a great place.

The other thing that was encouraging was a podcast from Manic Mommies, about kids and special education. They have a nice discussion of IEPs and such and what school districts have to do for your child, and it was really education for me, especially since I'm just at the beginning of this maze.  If you're in the beginning as well, whatever your child's problem is- speech, ADD/ADHD, whatever, I suggest taking a listen.

So that's all the rambling from me. Daniel's finally home, so it's that glorious part of the day when I get to go to the bathroom without company! :) Happy Thursday, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter has delays n therapies n school helped a lot.I too have contacted her school over her other recent issues ..really tiring..process