Monday, September 13, 2010


Daniel and I are both having a really rough day today. We have vacancies in two of our rental properties, which is an enormous financial burden. There are medical issues going on that I'm not at liberty to discuss here- nothing life-threatening, but something that's still very discouraging and serious.  And we're still, STILL paying phone tag with the school district about Ethan's speech therapy.  Daniel actually got a hold of someone today (the someone who assured us two weeks ago that she would call the next week and get the paperwork going).  And he didn't know the answer to one of her questions so called me right away so that I could call the person... and it went to voice mail when I called immediately.  And 4 hours later I'm still waiting to hear back.

But I'm not writing to whine today. I'm writing because I put on my ipod and it shuffled to one of my favorite songs, Selah's You Deliver Me.  And I was reminded again that God has our lives in His hands and that, although things are really challenging and discouraging right now, He is in control. I know that. KNOW that, but I still have to be reminded. Often.

So, in case you're needing the reminder today too, take a listen to this gorgeous song.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck is...and stuff happens, but if we've chosen the right path things always turn out in the end...