Tuesday, September 21, 2010


First off, I would like to apologize in advance if I sound completely insane in this post. The sunshine came out and it's making me a little loopy. We've had such a miserable non-summer here and today it's fall and the sun is shining and it's perfect 65-degree weather! And it makes me want to twirl around and jump in the leaves and hug the whole world! And apparently use too many exclamation points. I used so many in the last email I wrote that I had to email my friend again and apologize. 

Anyhoo.  Okay, so today Vivian was playing in my bedroom with her dolls. Because that's where her dolls live and the basket that they live in fell over and all her dolls and stuffed animals were on the floor. I knew that they were there so I didn't think anything about her playing in there. Until she came out holding a baby bottle. A dirty baby bottle that she'd apparently found under the bed.

She gave up bottles shortly after her first birthday. Which was June 1st. ICKY!!!!!!!

This is so horrifying to me. I am a slacker in so many areas of wifeness and mothering, but my house is generally pretty clean. It's something that's important to Daniel and I and keeps us reasonably sane, so we make it a priority. And I thought I was doing a decent job, but apparently checking under the bed needs to be added to my cleaning list.  Thankfully I got the bottle away from Vivian before she chewed on it.  I imagine she wouldn't have done that for long though :)

In other news, today is Daniel's 43rd birthday. He's not thrilled about being 43. Although he actually thought he was turning 44, so I've been telling him that he shouldn't be as depressed as he was.  He's not completely buying my logic there.  Hopefully the nice weather and the cake that I baked him will help improve his mood a bit!

And if anyone is interested, I have a good giveaway going on at the review blog, for a $25 gift certificate to a fabulous (and local) online store for books, music and DVDs for kids 1-5. If you need some new entertainment for your kids for the winter that's coming- or perhaps a Christmas gift, check it out. I have a bunch of other giveaways going on as well for kids' music- some great albums up for grabs!

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Andrea said...

Lol...the same thing happens to us every now and then with the dirty milk cups. I actually thought I had left one at my Mom's once but founf it in the storage drawer under the crib when I was trying to get the cat a few weeks ago. Gross. I think it had been there about 2 weeks. I just put it in a zip lock bag and put it in the trash.

My house is never spotless, but always picked up...or at least I pick it up a few times a day and maybe clean clean once or twice a month depending on what it is....I would love to have a maid come and clean once a week but that's not in the budget...lol

That is all to say, that you're normal in losing a bottle. Either that or you and I both need medication...:-P