Friday, September 10, 2010

A couple of things

1. First off, a big apology to the 36 of you who read my blog on a Google reader and who got stuck with last night's whiny, self-absorbed nonsense. And a huge thanks to those of you who emailed me today with suggestions and thoughts on things. I get so conflicted sometimes about what I write here on the blog- it's really the place where I deal and process things, but then sometimes I sit up in my bed in the middle of the night and realize how ridiculous my post sounds even to me, and I delete it. I wish there was a "remove from feed" button as well. Thanks for bearing with me when I do get too insane.

2. So, it turned out to be a good thing that my playdate for this morning didn't work out, since our appointment with Ethan's OT at Children's ran long and we were super late getting out of there. Running late was a good thing for the appointment though- since it ran long because the OT was discussing with Daniel and I some things that she suggested, based on Ethan's sensory profile.  For some reason, no one has given Ethan a sensory profile to date, and, no surprise to us, he does have sensory integration issues.  And knowing what his sensory issues are is a really good thing, as it helps us understand him a little better and be more patient with his reactions to some situations.

3. I am so utterly grateful for this OT being in our life. We've felt sort of abandoned by the health care system to date. They all have meant well and tried hard, but we were constantly getting passed off from one person to the next and no one seemed to stick with things.  This OT is doing some hardcore feeding therapy with Ethan and with us, and it's giving the whole family good tools to deal with this challenge.

Oh, and our OT has offered to start calling the school district for us, if they don't get back to us and get something scheduled for Ethan soon for speech therapy. It's nice to  have someone with some credentials on our side!

4. In completely unrelated news, do you know how hard it is to find shoes for a 15-month-old with feet the size of a 6-month-old? I got some super cute shoes for Vivian online last month, and they were the only pair that fit her well... and then she lost one somewhere on our walk on Tuesday. We retraced our steps the next day, but no luck. Now I've been looking for shoes, but almost everything in her size is for pre-walkers! We're going to hit up a few more stores tonight. Wish me luck!

5. Oh, and speaking of wishing me luck- I'm running my second 5K on Sunday! The family isn't coming with me, since they need to stay home and get ready for church, but that's okay. It should be a fun 5K- it's women-only, which I think I'll like.  Hopefully my time will have improved a bit, but given how little running I've been able to do lately, I'll again be happy with just finishing!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

We don't mind if you vent on your blog! Isn't that what it's for?

Could I ask (and expect no answer from you, just something to think about) have you consulted w/your own doctor about meds to help you w/depression and/or anxiety. I asked this because I didn't do it for years and, finally, when I did, I was so amazed at the difference it made to my whole outlook in life.

Also, is there anyway you & Daniel could afford another car? Yes, take your kids w/ are great social tools!

Keep blogging...

Anonymous said... apologies needed. we all have our days.

Andrea said...

Target has "robies" I have idea if that's the right name or if I'm spelling it right, they have a leather bottom which would probably get nasty dirty, but the also have these Mary Jane Moccasins with a hard leather bottom thaat would probably work well for Vivian.

And I totally delete a lot of what I write too, before I post it. My MIL is now reading. Ugh...ha ha- but I have never thought you sounded whiny or anything, I always