Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A bit of clarification

Someone left a comment today on an old post, asking me why Daniel sold his 3-bedroom house in the suburbs for us to live in the city, rather than us living there. A reasonable question.

The answer is two-fold. Daniel has been a city-dweller most of his life. He lived in Hong Kong for a lot of his childhood and then when he was an adult lived in Denver. He loves city life and all the energy.  But then he got a job in the total boonies, outside of Olympia, WA, where there was no real city life option and where the best place to buy property was in the city.  Fast-forward to us getting ready to get engaged, and he decided that it would make sense for him to put some investment property money (ah, the joys of marrying someone with surplus savings) into a condo in downtown Seattle (2005, the height of the property buying insanity). I bought the property with him and I lived there during our engagement.

Even though I lived alone in the studio condo in Seattle while we were engaged, Daniel visited often and re-affirmed his love for city-life. We went out on Saturday mornings and drank coffee at coffee shops nearby and walked to the art museums and then walked to baseball games or other events. If he could make the 60 mile drive north during the week then we had happy hours to visit after work and nightlife to take in. We were in love with each other and the whole lifestyle that we were living.  All to say, by the time we got married, Daniel was hooked on city life, and we were both really sad at the thought of us both living full-time at his house in the suburbs. Which was always our plan.

But after we got married he started to think about working from his company's Seattle office and selling his house in Olympia. The Seattle office had just been salespeople to that point, not technical staff, but technology had reached the point that anyone could work anywhere. So he did that and sold his house and moved briefly to our 400 square foot studio, which lasted about a minute, before we started shopping and ended up in our current home. Which turned out to be a great decision, since the company pretty much imploded after that and Daniel ended up switching jobs anyway. So here we are- happy in our shoebox-sized home, with the 3-bedroom-sized furniture  :)

So we made the decision based on us, and one cat,  and the other cat and the kids came slightly after that. But we're still happy with our choice.  As I mentioned earlier this week- I know this won't be a viable home for us forever, but for now it works and we're happy and we're together and that what matters.

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