Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another day, another appointment at Children's Hospital

Today it poured down rain here in Seattle, so we were stuck inside for the morning. But that was okay, because Daniel came home early today to go along with me for Ethan's second eye appointment at Children's. We'd gone three months ago and the doctor decided that things didn't look right, but that she needed another appointment some time down the road to gather more data. And that appointment was today.

Ethan is such an amazing kid. He's been to SO many appointments and screenings lately and you'd think he'd be scared of the doctors and nurses, but he's not. He held the hand of the doctor today and sat on her lap while she put information in the computer and gave her hugs.  She actually said that she and her husband have been trying to decide whether they're ready to have kids and being around kids like Ethan make her think she's ready! Fortunately, Vivian was running around the room, throwing things and yelling, so we did present a complete reality to her :)

And at the end of the screening, she sighed and said that unfortunately, she agreed with me about Ethan's lazy eye and is going to recommend glasses. She has to confer with the first person who did the screening back three months ago, but it looks like my little boy is going to have to have glasses.  She presented this news to us, thinking we'd be upset, but given that we've been hearing words like "gastric tube" lately, glasses do not phase us.

It's not a great thing, but if we can fix this for him now, it's one less problem he'll have to deal with later. Apparently he'll need glasses until he's 10 or so, but hopefully he'll take after his dad after that, who, annoyingly needs no glasses AT ALL, despite being almost 43, working at a computer all day and coming from a family who all need glasses (can you tell that I, one who needs glasses/contacts to function am a bit bitter about Daniel's lack of glasses?) :) 

In other news, Vivian managed to lose one of her shoes while we were out for a walk yesterday and we couldn't find it today when we retraced our steps.  It was the one pair that fit her so... I get to go shoe shopping! Payless, here I come! Given Vivian's reaction to shoe stores, I kind of think she did it on purpose. More proof that she actually may be my child :)

Hope everyone's week is going reasonably well. Happy Wednesday night! We're halfway there!

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Lindsey said...

My daughter (2) has lazy eye too - we have an appointment with an eye doctor on the 27th and will find out what needs to be done. I hope not glasses but you're right, it's such a small thing in the grand scheme of things!