Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another 5K done!

As I was running this morning, I just kept being amazed by one thing- that I really was out running! Today's event was a big one- 3000 women there to run the 10K or run/walk the 5K.  You cannot imagine how long the lines are for the bathrooms when you have an event attended by 3000 women...

I did slightly worse time-wise this race, but it really is hard to compare the two events given the differences in attendance and weather and running environment and my training, so I'm really still pleased with my time. Especially since running for 30 seconds was more than I could do just a few months ago.  I took a boat-load of ibuprofen before the race and was able to run most of the distance. Unfortunately now I'm not even walking well.  But it's the end of summer here and it's a good time to bring my exercise back inside anyway. So I'll take a break from running for a few months and hopefully get back to it at 100% functioning next spring.

If the Aflac Iron Girl event comes somewhere near you- sign up and participate! The registration fee was really affordable- only $25, I think. And for that I got a nice shirt and a ton of giveaways and breakfast in a reusable lunch bag and a medal and the cutest stuffed duck ever.  And it's just a lot of fun to be exercising with so many other women- there are people there at every level of fitness, so it's low pressure. Everyone just wants to encourage each other and it's a really positive environment.

Since I went alone this morning and didn't have the pocket space for a camera, I don't have any pictures from the event. But here's my duck and my finisher's medal!

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