Thursday, September 23, 2010

And I'm over the angst

I'm so totally the poster child for introverted extroverts.  I agonize about every social situation that involves me combing my hair and leaving the house. I'm terrified of talking to strangers. Or even acquaintances.  The thought of calling someone on the phone makes me break out in a cold sweat. Thank goodness for email and Facebook and blogging, or else I'd never communicate with anyone.

Then I get dragged to aforementioned scary activity/social gathering and I have a great time. And I'm all peppy and energized from being around people. And then the next day I return to my introverted side and sit around and rehash everything I said and wonder if people liked me and vow to never leave the house again. EVER.

:)  Or perhaps I'm just insane. I blame the kids.

Anyway, it went well last night and I think it'll be a good group, so hopefully this time will be the charm and we wont be starting over again next fall with new people.

And in spectacular parenting news, I'm secretly glad that it's supposed to rain today because that means I don't have to take the kids out for a walk and we can sit around and watch Curious George 2 instead of being outside or at the museum.  And later we might go to the store in our car, since Daniel graciously volunteered to let me keep it today. Happy happy mobility!

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Amy Webb said...

I think I'm with in the "introverted extrovert" category. I get all nervous about social gatherings and then I'm usually glad I went. I just have to remind myself of that over and over again. I think I've actually gotten a little better since having a child. He's a good distraction if I start to feel awkward :)