Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ah, the joys of a not-too-busy 3-day weekend

We're about 8 hours into day 1 of the most glorious invention of the 20th century- the three-day weekend.  So far this morning I got up and went running (hurray!), did some cleaning and took a trip with the family to IKEA.  I'm fairly sure that 99% of the population of Seattle was also at IKEA with us today- it's kids eat free weekend and that packs in the crowds! Still, we got a few much-needed items and were home by 1:30. And now I'm contemplating what to do next. There's likely a grocery store trip in my near future, but I'm stalling on that in case something truly exciting presents itself as an option. Because that happens frequently in my life :)

Running this morning went surprisingly well, given that I hadn't been out in two weeks.  I have had shin splints in one leg and my dad, who's a long-time, long-distance runner and not the type of person to ever believe in rest, actually was pushing me hard to not run again until I was sure my leg was better. I guess my brother (also a pretty serious runner, like our dad) hurt his leg pretty badly by not resting. But my leg seems better after a few weeks off and I think I'll be good to go for my next 5K next Sunday morning.

In other news, the planning for our cross-country flight next month has begun. I've been working on getting the kids backpacks, so they can carry some of their toys. Here they are practicing with their bags:

I'm really not a big fan of the whole cartoon-character outfit thing- except for Classic Pooh, but somehow Ethan ended up in his one Thomas shirt on the same day that he saw a Thomas backpack on clearance at the store. "Clearance" is my magic word, so now Ethan looks like a walking billboard for Thomas the Tank Engine. Whatever :)

Speaking of the trip- I'm also already stocking up on little books and stickers and toys and DVDs and things like that. Which reminded me of something that happened in July when I was flying back from Winnipeg and ended up stuck in the airport for hours with my friend's childless sister. There were some crying kids nearby (we were in the airport still, not on the plane) and my friend's childless sister made a comment about it being annoying, then asked if it made me miss my kids. I said no, it made me stressed on behalf of the parents and glad that I was traveling alone.

There was a similar discussion on one of my favorite podcasts, Manic Mommies, about traveling with kids. I think the one thing that I wish non-parents or people traveling without kids would remember is that however annoyed and stressed they are by the crying kids- the parents are probably way more stressed. In most cases. I don't agree with letting kids run wild or kick seats or throw things, but if a parent is genuinely trying to keep a kid entertained and the kid is just being a kid and unhappy to be stuck in a seat for hours or has ear pain and is too little to understand and wont swallow/use the paci/drink/whatever... then please give us some grace.  Yes, it's stressful for others to be on a plane with a mad kid, but it's probably only stressful for those people for the trip and maybe an hour or so afterwards. I'm not flying with the kids until October and I'm already stressed about it! The planning and the logistics and the spare clothes and snacks and carseats and everything.

Mainly I'm just hoping that Vivian starts to like to watch TV by next month. We flew the same distance (FAR) with Ethan at this age, but he always liked to watch TV and just stared at the screen for most of the 8 hours of flights. But Vivian is the type of kid to not sit still for long for any reason at all. For example, yesterday we were at the park and she demanded to be put down and ran off down a hill and got going too fast and fell and hit her forehead (hard enough to leave a fairly sizeable lump and bruise) and scraped up her nose. And I picked her up to see if she was okay and was all worried and she wiggled and screamed at me for getting in the way of her running and made me put her down. Then she ran off again.  Seriously, the girl doesn't do sitting or carrying at all. I see much wandering of the aisles in our future for this trip.  And I'm actually contemplating Benadryl usage...

Well, I've been typing for a while, and I guess that a trip to the grocery store is as exciting as my options for the afternoon are going to get, so I need to stop stalling and head out.  Hope you all have a very safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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