Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ethan woke up this morning asking for cake and presents. He IS my child after all! :)

*Since I started typing this post I've had to stop twice to clean up potty-related accidents.  Potty-training is apparently not going so well here today...

Anyway. Three. Wow.  I can't believe I'm enough of a grown-up to have a three-year old.  Ethan has changed so much  just in these past few months. He's not wearing diapers and speaks in complete sentences (more or less on both of those) and can actually follow some detailed instructions. He's a great big brother- yes, the kids bicker constantly, but Ethan's also always watching out for Vivian. If she drops one of her toys, he gets it for her.  Whenever I'm putting the kids into the car or getting them back out, Ethan always checks to make sure that I haven't forgotten about "Baby" and isn't happy until she's right next to him.

Ethan loves to give kisses and hugs. I'm going to be sad when he outgrows the cuddly little boy stage. There's nothing more precious than having a preschooler give you kisses and say "love you".  He loves to dance and sing along with music- the more energetic the better! His absolute favorite activity though is looking at pictures- whether it's on the computer or in an album, he just loves flipping through and identifying the people he loves in the snapshots.

Ethan, you changed my life more than I ever imagined was possible.  You changed your daddy and I from a couple into a family.  You've made me laugh and cry and worry and rejoice and so many other emotions in between. Thank you for being such a precious part of our family. We love you so much.

Happy 3rd birthday, Ethan.  I've been so blessed to have you in my life!


http://purplebookbloggingmommy.blogspot.com/ said...

happy birthday to Ethan!!! :)

CoffeeJitters (Judy Haley) said...

Awww... they are both so cute. Happy birthday Ethan.