Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday stuff

We had such a fun weekend this weekend- surviving the 5K, a picnic with church friends on Saturday evening, then church and an outing to Emerald Downs to watch the horse race last night. We even made the outing to the horse race a kid-free evening, so we had a blast. Daniel and I almost never get to go out without the kids, so those times are really precious. If you're a Seattle-area person and want to know more about what I thought about Emerald Downs, you can read my post over at the review blog.   As I type this, the kids are in their room having a yelling contest, so I'm definitely looking back on our date as a good time...

Misc answers to questions that I've received lately- yes, I got cake on Saturday night after the race. And no, I don't like running much more than I did a few months back, but it's the most convenient form of exercise to fit into my life and gets me a break from the kids for a bit. And I was hoping that new shoes would fix the shin splint issue, but sadly did not. I'm going to take this week off, then start training again next Saturday. I have another 5K in mid-September and am hoping to be back running by then.

On a completely unrelated subject, I was being all sad the other day because a bunch of my friends are pregnant, and I'm all done with that. But then we were going to the car the other day and both kids were walking under their own power. And then I got to downsize my diaper bag to a much smaller bag. And when we go out for short trips, I don't have to take much other than my wallet. Everyone is off of baby food, more or less, and we don't have to pack up hardly anything to go out to eat.  And my counter is free of the bottle drying rack that's been living there for 3 years! So I got over the whole whining about being done with babies thing pretty quickly.  Now I just get to be the friend who visits and holds the baby and leaves with her self-feeding, self-propelled kids. :)

Okay- Ethan's finally gone potty, so we can go out on a walk now. Hope everyone's Monday is off to a good start!

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