Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm fairly certain that the clock is actually running backwards...

People. This week. SO long. We've had nothing on the schedule all week. No playdates, no outings, no one coming to visit us. My best friend, the schoolteacher, is back at work now. And the weather has been alternating between way too hot and cold/rainy. All to say... so bored of my house... so needing Friday night to get here.

At the moment the excitement in my life is baking zucchini bread. The inspiration for baking bread is the arrival of MORE zucchini in my CSA box this week.  The farm claims that they had to substitute zucchini for corn, due to a shortage of corn, but I am not stupid. I know how zucchini multiplies and is impossible to even give away during harvest season.  This is my second week with zucchini to deal with, and since I can't stand it in any form other than bread, my second week baking. But the kids like the bread and it's yummy so it's all good.

In other news, we decided to stay at our church for at least another year.  Hopefully that'll give me some time to get over my irrationally hurt feelings over some stuff that no one did intentionally.  I'm annoyed at myself for being hurt- my dad is a pastor for goodness sakes and I know how churches work and how busy and stressed and overwhelmed pastors and church staff are.  There are some other factors that play a role in us considering switching as well, it's not just me overreacting, but we're going to just stay put for now and keep praying for wisdom on where we should go next. I hate making grown-up decisions. Argh!

In kid news, I took Ethan to get his haircut at the local cheapy haircut place (and I had a coupon!) on Tuesday and now he looks so grown up with his short hair.  As I've said before, his size and his speech issues make him seem younger than he is, so it's always a shock when see him and realize how fast he's grown up.  Just makes me want to grab him and give him lots of hugs, while I still can :)

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