Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband lately?

Seriously, Daniel is up for some sort of "husband of the year" award, as far as I'm concerned. He's working long days, then is okay when I tell him that I am 1) done with the kids and 2) not cooking dinner and 3) watches the kids without complaining when I take my takeout sushi and my laptop into our room and shut myself in there to watch Mad Men and My Boys. Highlight of my week, without doubt.

He also totally cracks me up. Last Wednesday we were out for our family night and having dinner in a nearby neighborhood when we walked by a house for sale.  Daniel made comments about the house's great location, including noting that it was near a coffee shop and a sushi restaurant and a Mexican restaurant! I pointed out that we already live across the street from a coffee shop, a fancy restaurant, a Greek restaurant, a sushi restaurant and close to more coffee as well as Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese food. :) But the point is that Daniel is enthusiastic about everything- realistic or not, and I love that about him.

On another note- Miss Looks-nothing-like-Mommy apparently did inherit more from me than her waistline- she apparently inherited my attitude towards sleep. I'm, honestly, not a huge fan of sleep and don't need a lot, but I do still need breaks from the kids. So Vivian's recent refusal to go to sleep before 11 PM! (she's climbing on me as I write this post) and getting up at 2 AM and then only going back to sleep if she is in our bed is getting very, very old. We have got to get her out of the habit of sleeping in our bed. Especially since Ethan hasn't taken a nap since he was slightly past 2, so that means virtually no downtime for me and no couple time for Daniel and I. We're counting the days until our October break when we get 28 hours without the kids.

Seriously, I am endlessly in awe of single parents and military families.  I about lost my mind today when I had to deal with the kids for 11 hours on my own. Those of you who manage for weeks and months and years on end have my admiration.

And the other thing keeping me going- chocolate cake. I went out tonight and got cake mix and made a yummy cake- and life is so much more worth living. Chocolate=happiness.

Hope you're all hanging in there too!

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Andrea said...

Lol@chocolate cake....my break came the other day, when I made butter cookies....ok I did that twice last week. Ha!

Needless to say, my weightloss for the last 2 weeks is officially nonexistant. :-(

And I think that all the time about people who take care of their kids on their own. My sister-in-law homeschools her 4. Age 10 twin boys, 6 year old girl, and 2 year old boy....and another friend of mine with 4 boys ages newborn ,2,3,6 has just started homeschooling too...PLUS she works the graveyard shift as a nurse everynight. INSANE I tell you. I am counting down the days until mine can go to school all day....uhhh you know, so they can make friends and have fun. :-)