Monday, August 2, 2010

Another week underway

We had a nice, but long weekend this weekend.  Friday night we drove to Portland, which is theoretically just a three hour drive away.  The kids and I left the house at 3 PM and we arrived at my grandmother's house at just before 10 PM. Granted, we did stop twice, briefly, but there was a lot of slow traffic. And one incident a few blocks from my grandmother's house where my husband ran a stop sign that he didn't see. Thankfully the policeman that pulled him over was the nicest police officer that I've ever encountered (and I worked with many during my time as an EMT!), and just gave us a friendly warning and sent us on our way quickly.

Lots of time this weekend sitting around and chatting with my grandmother and aunt and uncle and trying to keep the kids from wrecking the house or permanently damaging the dogs. Saturday night we drove over to Daniel's best friend's VERY unchildproof home for dinner. We're talking white furniture and glass everything and open staircases and very breakable decor. But between the four adults we managed to keep the house and the kids fairly intact.

At one point, Daniel's best friend "D" asked Daniel what he did for fun in his free time these days. Daniel and I actually started laughing at the question, then informed him that there was no such thing as free time, for either of us individually or as a couple. Daniel works, drives through awful traffic, helps out with the kids, then collapses in exhaustion.  I need to be better about encouraging him to do things for fun, like go workout and go to the evening men's Bible study at church, but it's tough, since I like having him around in the evenings and on weekends.  The tiredness and lack of energy cycle is a vicious one- when you're tired you just want to do the bare minimum and you don't want to use up your precious time or energy to do anything more, even if it would recharge you a bit.

So that's what I'm doing/thinking about this morning. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm looking at a ginormous pile of laundry and avoiding folding it, hence all the deep thoughts. I promised the kids a trip to the Children's Museum this morning, so I should wrap things up and get us going! Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Ashley said...

Ugh, traffic like that is the worst! When we drove back from camping in eastern Washington, what should have taken us four or five hours took SEVEN. It was awful!