Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well, that outing took about 5 years off my life

Today we decided to escape the 90 degree weather inside our condo and head out into the cooler weather outside. Since it's the first almost-hot day of the year, we headed over to a fountain/wading pool tucked into a corner of Seattle Center. I'd geared the kids up in swim diapers and swimsuits at home, so we just hopped right in.  We walked around and splashed for a little while, then Vivian started fussing, so I got out with her and walked to the edge of the wading area to change her into dry clothes on a nearby bench. I let Ethan stay in the water, close to me while I changed Vivian. BIG MISTAKE. 

Ethan is very cautious and scared of most things, so it never occurred to me that he'd go more than a foot or two away. But shortly he was a bit further out, and thanks to the other people at the wading pool, he couldn't hear me calling him to come back.  Or he was ignoring me, who knows.

I could still see him this whole time, so was quickly changing Vivian while watching Ethan. I was 99% done and ready to go get Ethan out of the water when I saw him slip down. And he couldn't get up again. He just kept trying to get up and kept swallowing water. I don't think any of the other parents nearby noticed or realized that he was actually in trouble, and I grabbed Vivian and ran through the water as fast as I could move.  By the time I got to him he was gagging and coughing and choking and it took a little while to get everything under control.

Then he threw a temper tantrum about having to take of his soaked t-shirt and I figured everything was okay. The whole way home he kept saying "Mommy! Water in mouth!" while I tried not to cry.  It's going to be a while before I'm brave enough to take the two kids to a non-lifeguarded wading area again!

I'd started to realize yesterday that having two little kids who are both mobile might be a bit more challenging that I had thought it would be. Vivian's fully walking now, and yesterday at the Children's Museum was the first time when I had trouble keeping them both at the same place at the same time.  It's going to be an interesting summer!  I really need to find a cloning machine if we're all going to make it through in one piece...


Karen said...

I can very intensely relate to this post. I had a similar experience not long after Annie was born and I thought I could manage all 4 for a very, very short trip to the mall. Jack got away from me, out the door and directly in front of a car before I could catch up to him. I was traumatized for days after.

Many hugs to you, it's hard enough to be a stay at home mom without having your coming and going restricted for safety reasons, too.

Andrea said...

How scary! Were you screaming for someone to help him?

Emma has fallen down the stairs a few times in front of my eyes and I always yell for someone to get her...even when I'm the only one who can. HA we have gates, but we've always let her go up or down by herself since she was Megan's age. With Megan I follow close behind until she gets the hang of it, which leaves Emma unsupervised now. :-(

As far as water goes: I take both of my girls to the pool almost everyday. Both are in floaties. Emma can get around now copletely on her own, and even though Megan fights me, I try to hold her in the pool. (That's why she has floaties, we're slowly teaching our 15 month old how to keep her head above water...and she can do it for the most part we only have once or twice where she chokes each time...mother of the year) I do however get Megan out and dried off first and if Emma were to be in trouble and there was no one else in the pool I would freak. I guess I should make a plan for that.

Anyway, that said, I doubt I would think of floaties if I knew the water was shallow, or if it was just fountains I wouldn't need them.

Something I do with the cars (since I have a fear of Emma getting hit by a car while I'm getting Megan out) is I take her out first, walk around for Megan, and I stand Emma next to the wheel behind me (with her not in my sight which is why the fear of her getting hit) but I make her touch my leg so I know she's there. Maybe you could enforce a "touch my leg" rule while changing Vivian in a situation like that? HA

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, just reading this freaked me out! I'm sure you will never forget that moment for the rest of your life, to say the least! Yikes, it freaks me out too to take the two girls anywhere in the water without my husband or someone else there to help me. SO traumatizing, I totally relate with you about how tough it is to go places (ANY place) with two kids who are so young!