Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking a break from potty-training to say hi!

We're potty-training again. Have I mentioned how hard that is?  Ethan seems to be ready, he's not fighting it at all, he just doesn't ever EVER go when he's on the potty. He'll willingly tell me when he needs to go and will sit on the potty, but then nothing happens... Hopefully we'll make progress on that soon! Getting tired of hanging out next to the bathroom :)

Anyway, the weekend was a relative success from my perspective! Thursday we drove up to Vancouver with a very sick toddler in the car. She was running a fever of 101-102, so it was actually good timing to be out of our really warm condo and in the air conditioned car. Thursday night she was up most of the night, which is never fun when you're not home.  But the sleepless night made it a little easier to face the thought of several nights away from the family.

I spent the weekend alternating between wedding events and just hanging out on my own. I had the chance to take some walks along the riverfront in Winnipeg, as well as a bunch of time to hang out and watch home design and real estate shows. I love cable! I got to sleep through the entire night 2 nights in a row! So, honestly, while I missed my family and wasn't happy to be gone while Vivian was sick, it was such a great time to just be on my own and recharge and rest.  I really needed it more than I knew.

The wedding was beautiful and I had a good time with the bride's family. And there was a great deal of alcohol available for the stressful times when I was forced to talk to strangers, so my panic attacks were limited in number. 

The only major problem with the whole weekend was when our flight back to Vancouver was delayed for 4 hours. Let me tell you, the Winnipeg airport is not really somewhere that you want to be spending any more time than you absolutely have to. Fortunately the final of the World Cup was on TV and I had other members of the wedding party at the airport to talk to, so I made it.

Unfortunately I came home to a feverless, but rashy baby.  I'm 99% sure that she had roseola. Her rash is almost gone now, but the combination of needing to stay home because of her illness and the rain that we had yesterday made it seem like a good time to restart potty training, so here we are. I think today is going to be another home day, but I'm hoping to venture out into the world again soon!

In other news, I finished week 7 day 2 of C25K today! And it really wasn't too hard to run for 25 minutes. I've not run since last Thursday, and I think the break and rest did my body good in that front too.  Important take-away message from this whole thing- take breaks in all sorts of areas of life!


Lizzie said...

Hooray for all good things! Love to hear them. Let me know when you're ready to venture out again - we'll let the kids run somewhere.

Andrea said...

As annoying as it is, hanging out next to your toddler on the toilet is the way to go. We had coloring books and stuff, and I spent a lot of time on the floor until Emma would accidentally pee. Then we threw a big party (I even have a potty dance..lol) and she loved the attention. also, I kept her glass full of fluids. Juice, milk, and I didn't water down her juice in hopes of getting a #2 by accident. I got lucky that my not watering down her juice didn't cause any major issues.

My breaking point? Hell Day. William was working late, Emma and Megan both had giant blowouts, Megan's up her back, and Emma on my fireplace brick. I cried and didn't know who to change first. I worked through it, doing Megan first since I could try and tell Emma not to move. But I could have used a "phone a friend that day"

I'm always just an email away. :-)

carrie said...

Good luck on the potty training - and congrats on finishing a week on C25K! I can't run to save my life, but I have been trying.

Armando Codina said...

Yeah! good luck on potty tanning. Your article is so interesting. I really like it.