Friday, July 16, 2010

Definitely a sign that I looked a little frazzled

Daniel walked in our front door last night, took one look at me and said "darn it, I left the tequila at work again."  I laughed out loud that he'd had a 75 minute commute home and plenty of time to realize that he'd forgotten again, but it was seeing his wife that brought it to mind :) 

Back story on that- one of his coworkers who works remotely from her home in Mexico was visiting a few weeks ago and brought Daniel and the other two bosses some gifts, including a bottle of tequila.  Daniel doesn't drink and I don't actually drink tequila, but we're having a gathering in a few weeks and are serving smoothies and thought we might offer margaritas as well, now that we have this spare bottle of tequila.

Of course if potty training doesn't start to show some results soon, I might have to investigate the tequila for myself.


Andrea said...

ha ha!!! Awesome!

Sara said...

So funny! I could use a margarita as well. We went to see Thomas at snoqualmie. It wasn't too bad really but any alcohol sounds good to a pregnant lady by now! I am sure by the end of a week my husband either needs me to have some tequila or have some himself!

maggie said...

Oh that's hilarious, Carrie. And I don't like tequila either! Woo!