Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I posted this whole long message- then got a nice comment on it. Over at the review blog! Whoops! I usually try to keep the whining off that blog and save it for you all :)

Today was supposed to be a sunny, warm day. I'll agree that it turned out warm, but we're a bit lacking in the sun department. BUT- it's not raining, so I'm okay with slightly overcast.  This weekend is supposed to be nice, which will be great as we have a family wedding to attend outdoors. And I think Daniel's going to take me on an actual date on Saturday night while we're up in Vancouver. Hurray for grandparents and free babysitting!

We will be paying for the date in the most random way- I've been meaning to tell you guys about this. So, last month I was at Goodwill getting some books for our trip with my parents. I picked one off the shelf that looked decent and bought it- and when I looked more closely, there was $125 Canadian inside! I'm not sure how it wasn't found before. My mom said that maybe the only people who saw it didn't recognize Canadian money as real money or something. I gave part of it to my brother and his wife for their trip to Vancouver, and we'll use the rest for a nice night out this weekend.  Crazy, huh!

Speaking of weddings- I dropped off the bridesmaid's dress today. With tax the alterations are going to cost me $93. Which puts the total dress cost at almost $400. Thank goodness I got my shoes for $10-  the dress and hotel and plane ticket are adding up very quickly! I'm going to work on my perspective on this though- it's well worth it to be a part of my friend's big day. And we can afford it, it's not going to bankrupt us and we don't have to decided between groceries and this stuff.  But still, $93 for alterations?  (It does need quite a few and I trust the lady who will be doing them and all.)

And in Ethan news, he's being so cute lately and wanting to only hang out with me all the time.  He's never been particularly attached, so I'm secretly loving his refusal to walk with anyone else or let anyone else carry him or whatever.  I know this will only last until Friday night when he sees his aunt up in Canada. I will then return to being chopped liver. So I should enjoy it :)

In other Ethan news, bad weigh-in today. He had an eye appointment at Children's and they weighed him and he was down almost a pound. He's been eating fairly well lately, but this means he's slipping on his high calorie drinks and I'm not entirely surprised. He also threw up all over himself in the car on the way to his appointment, which was an unpleasant surprise when we arrived.  Vomiting is such a non-issue for us these days that I didn't even notice until I got ready to get him out of the car.  Ah, motherhood :)  We're just trying to decide now what to do and whether to have him go through another, more invasive test to see if something is wrong. All the preliminary tests have turned up negative, and he'd have to undergo anesthesia for the next test, so we're hesitant. But having him vomiting all the time is also not really working for us very well.

Okay, I need to stop rambling and go clean up a bit. As I was just telling friends on email- it baffles me that my kids cannot manage to get along at all, ever... until there's something in the house to wreck or destroy. Then they work so well together! :)

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