Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travel beds and closing doors

One of you lovely readers left a nice comment on my post from yesterday about trying to make decisions. And mentioned that I might want to keep the pack-n-play for travel or such.  I responded on email and surprised myself when I stopped to count how many portable beds we actually had- we're up to SEVEN.  I hadn't realized just how out of control it had gotten.  Plus my grandmother has a pack-n-play at her house and my parents have one at their house. Insane. 

On that note, Vivian's napping in the kids' room for day 2 while Ethan plays with his dried beans and makes a mess of the living room. So far so good!

And on the work/book chapter front, I ended up having to say no to the project.  I really wanted to work on it, and it seemed reasonable timewise, until Daniel asked the smart question "is this unpaid?"  And it was, which isn't a big deal and would not have been a deal-breaker normally, except for the fact that it would preclude me doing any other projects for work, since my free time is extremely limited.  I don't make  much money lately, but it's still something, and it would be hard on our budget to not have that.

I was telling Daniel that I feel like God is really trying to work on my attitude and my priorities lately by making it clear that this is not the time for me to be taking on work projects that are of any substance or major time commitment. Every time I try to take something on that's beyond my small projects, it has turned out badly and it has taken a heavy toll on our family. I am not liking this particular lesson much, but I know I need to find my worth in Him and in my current place in life, and not be constantly looking for external validation and approval and pats on the back. Darn it.  My coworkers are so much better at validation and nice comments than the kids are :)

In other news, we got a zoo membership today, so I have another fun place to spend time this summer! Poor Daniel is going to be taking the bus to work a lot, I think!

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Ashley said...

We should totally go to the zoo together! That will be lots of fun this summer!