Thursday, June 3, 2010


I should clarify (and defend the bride) in the wedding that I'm participating in next month- I did choose the bridesmaid's dress myself from a list of options that she gave us. And it is a pretty black dress that I will hopefully be able to wear again. Although probably not soon, since I live in Seattle where people wear jeans to the opera and theater :)  So, at least I didn't have to spend money on an ugly dress that I hate.  I knew that the dress actually fitting right the first time was a long-shot, but I was hopeful!

I tried on the dress again last night and have decided that alterations are a must to take in the top and about 4 inches in length. And I just need to suck it up and pay for that and not stress. I stress about money. A LOT.  Even when our bank account is fine and I can afford things, I hate spending money.  I am one of the cheapest people that I know.  I've blogged here before, that this sometimes is not a good thing, because I often have trouble remembering that sometimes money does have to be spent for good reasons for friends and family and it's worth the cost.  And that money going out of my bank account is not always a bad thing.

So I'm going to buy shoes for the dress this weekend and then find someone to do alterations after that. Anyone local know of someone who is affordable to hem a dress and take in the top a bit? 

Mom and Dad left last night amidst many tears.  Their flight this morning apparently got delayed thanks to some bad weather in their connecting city, but hopefully they wont be stuck in the middle of the US too long and will get home at a reasonable time. My brother and his wife also got delayed on their trip and got home at 4:30 AM before having to be at work at 7. And my family wonders why we're not anxious to pack up the kids and fly back east. Seems like it's always complicated to travel, and complicated with kids is just not a good thing.

In other news though, the sun is out today, so I need to take the kids out to enjoy it. Oh, and then I actually need to do something to get ready for Vivian's birthday party on Saturday! I am such a slacker!

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