Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts on Ethan

My kids are both napping!!! And I'm supposed to be writing a report for work, but my brain is out of practice and doing actual science stuff is starting to hurt my head. So I decided that it was time for a break.

This morning I took Ethan to his second dentist appointment. And failed to remember that we had changed dental plans and that the dentist might not be on our new plan and so we're going to have to pay for this visit out of pocket. Whoops! Not the greatest start to the morning, for sure. But the appointment went well and Ethan didn't cry and he was really cute asking the dentist to clean Monkey's teeth as well. This is Monkey- as you can see, he doesn't have teeth, but the hygienist and the dentist nicely played along.

The funny thing is that that picture is from April and Ethan was wearing the exact same outfit today. There are benefits to a kid that never grows- saves money on clothes, as he can just wear the same thing for months and months!

Anyway, I was out with Ethan at the dentist and we just had so much fun being together.  I've been spending a bit more time alone with him over the past few weeks, when we've had visitors and been going on trips and he's had appointments that I didn't want to take Vivian along to. And I've been loving it! More than just the crazy ease of life with only one kid to put into the car and going places with a kid that can walk on his own and doesn't need a stroller or to be carried (although I do love that!).  When it's just us, I can see more of his little personality and less of his skills in fighting with Vivian. (Side note on that topic- Vivian is totally starting about 75% of their conflicts these days. She's a little scrapper and bites him and takes his toys and everything else. I'm used to yelling at Ethan to leave her alone, but most of the time lately it's the other way around!)

When Ethan was little and I was whining about motherhood, people assured me that I would like it more as my kids got older. I suspected that would be true too.  I love my kids, always have. But I don't really enjoy taking care of people and I don't know what to do with helplessness. So babies are just not my thing. Never have been. 

But this age where he's communicating and talking and making me laugh and saying "Mommy hug" many, many times per day--- I love it! Yes, he still makes me nuts sometimes, but he also actually does what he's told on occasion and loves to help out and be the big boy of the house. Even when he's talking back (which I do not approve of at all!) he makes me laugh, as he now is very intentional about his "t" and "k" sound and adds them to the end of words where they don't belong. So, when he does refuse to do something that I ask (usually involving food consumption), instead of being ignored, I get a very deliberate "no..t" (sounds like note). It's so hard to keep a straight face!

Motherhood is a tough gig sometimes, so it's such a blessing to have these times to focus on the joys of my children. They are such wonderful little people and I'm honored to be the person watching them grow.  

Ethan and Mommy having a snuggle

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