Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is not good

So, I picked up my bridesmaid's dress today. The one that I had to order in a plus size. Grr. I am not a plus size in street clothes or even dresses from normal stores, so I hate having to pay extra to order plus size formal gowns. 

The dress "fits". But not well. The top is slightly baggy and the length is WAY too long for my 5' 1" frame and it's strapless, which is not good with my chubby arms. Oh, and it's black, which sounded nice in theory, but looks bad against my winter white Seattle skin.

And this dress cost over twice as much as my wedding dress, so I'm about to cry at the thought of alterations.

In other news, vacation is almost over for me. My parents have to be at the airport at 4 AM tomorrow morning, so when they leave tonight to go back to my uncle's house, that'll be goodbye. So much crying is in my near future and much sadness from all. We've promised to try to fly out there this fall sometime, so hopefully that will distract them a bit.  I doubt it though.

4:20 isn't too early to open the bottle of wine sitting on my counter, is it?  :)


Andrea said...

Ha! The bottle of wine comment....I bought a bottle this week to have a glass with William when he finally gets to the new place for good. (His last day of work in Houston is tomorrow) and I was eyeing it yesterday after Emma's epic bedtime

Anyway, sorry you don't get to see your family more. I love mine but we never shed tears even in my moving out of state (from California to Houston....then they moved to Houston and I moved to Austin) ha...mean of me I know.

As far as your dress goes, and your white skin. :-P I actually like black without a tan, I think it' Audrey Hepburnesk. But you could always try spray tan before you go to the wedding. (I suggest 2-3 days prior so you aren't orangey)

As far as cost, that does suck. Do you think you would wear it again? Say for a cruise or something? If you could get double use out of it maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

I ended up having to buy 5 our of my 6 bridesmaids dresses for them because money was tight for them, they all had families and kids and already had to travel for me...but I know how expensive they are. (For the record, there is NO way I could afford to do that now...ha ha) kids don't seem so expensive for all the complaining people do about them, but it does add up. :-P

Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Sorry your family has to leave! :(

Jennifer said...

I just hate the idea of super expensive bridesmaid dresses that are only good for that one day.