Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer could really arrive any time now. Seriously, I would be fine with the departure of the rain...

I know, I'm just feeding into the stereotype about Seattle- that it rains all the time here. Because it's totally true lately. Hopefully the sun will come back again soon though and stay around this time!

To try to head of my growing sense of insanity/cabin fever/oh mygoodness-it's 9 AM and I have nothing to do today with the kids or tomorrow and I'm going to go nuts before Friday night- I dressed the kids up in bright colors today and took pictures of them.  It's dark in the house and outside, but at least I have little dots of color running around!

They're totally thinking "that lady! is taking pictures of us! again!"

Monkey gives Vivian a kiss
Okay, this picture- is Vivian in a nutshell. That's her personality on display right there. And Ethan's too, he just ignores her when she's yelling and trying to get attention.
Love it!


Karen said...

Good grief. Do your kids ever take a bad picture? They are SO DANG BEAUTIFUL. I mean it, they are just so cute.

Vivi's little pants are killer.

Ashley said...

Way to go. . . getting pictures of BOTH kids smiling is always so hard for me to do! I know what you mean about all this rain. I love the rain, but seriously it's been rainier the last two months than it was all winter! When will our summer start?