Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running update

This morning I finally finished week 3 of the C25K! (I did 2 of the 3 days, then took a week off for my knees, so started it over again). And I didn't have any problems running or have to stop early. I've found that as long as I run on downhill/flat surfaces, I'm fine and have almost no knee issues. Which means I'm looking like a lunatic as I loop around Seattle Center, trying to scurry up hills during my walk times and randomly turning around or repeating blocks when it's time to run. I love the C25K program, but since it switches up the run/walk time every week, I'm constantly having to find new routes.

Saturday I get to run on a treadmill at Daniel's parent's place, so that'll be a new experience as well. Hopefully there will not be old Asian people (99% of the population of their giant building) in the workout room when I'm in there. It might be a little too terrifying for them to have to see me "running".

We're leaving tomorrow for Canada and I've done NOTHING toward packing. I have though- gone running, sorted through all the kids' clothes in their rooms and gotten rid of everything too small/out of season, moved Vivian's clothes to the kids' room (out of my closet), done the dishes, ran a number of errands and called my grandmother.  Productivity on everything except what I REALLY need to be doing=Success. Packing=fail.

I need to call my parents shortly. That should be a fun conversation, as all that's happened since this time last week (when they were still here!) has been pretty much un-fun. On their end at least.

In other news. THE SUN IS COMING BACK!!! It's going to be nice weather for the next while here- not too hot, but no more rain and I am so happy! Hurray for sunshine!

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