Monday, June 14, 2010

Naked people!!!

I KNEW there was something else that I meant to tell you all about my trip this weekend. Seriously, I sat here and tried to remember and tried to remember and went through the weekend in my mind.... and nothing. Then we were watching Last Comic Standing tonight and there was a naked person on, and I remembered!

So, it was Saturday, after the wedding. Vivian had missed her morning nap- which is not a huge issue- her nap time is flexible, but it was 2:30 PM and she was clearly losing it and Ethan had eaten sugar and danced and flirted his little head off and our kids were DONE.  So we packed them up in their carseats and Daniel took the long way around Stanley Park to show me all the park and let the kids sleep a little extra before we got back to my in-laws' home. My favorite way of interacting with nature and the outdoors- from the safety of my air-conditioned car!

Then we got back to downtown Vancouver and were very, very slowly making our way around the waterfront roads. Slowly, because it was 70 something degrees and sunny for the first time in weeks and pretty much everyone in the city of Vancouver was out in Stanley Park and on the waterfront.  All of a sudden, I saw a bunch of bicyclists coming towards us in the oncoming lanes. Then I looked closer and said to Daniel "I think they're naked!" He didn't believe me at first, but then we sat at our traffic light and watched as a horde of naked people biked past us. 

I'm not entirely sure what to say about the whole sight. Except that we were amused by the people hanging out of the waterfront restaurant taking pictures of the naked bicyclists. And really amused by the nude people who still wore bike helmets. Safety first! And my favorite part of the whole thing- the cops on motorcycle and bicycle riding along side the naked bicyclists. Apparently any organized ride requires cops-  do you think that was a good job to end up with or a bad one? 

We did decide that it was a good thing that the kids were napping. Ethan likes to yell 'nudie nude' at the top of his breathe whenever anyone takes off any amount of clothes, and he LOVES to comment on everything that he sees out his car window, so I think the naked bicyclists would have sent him over the edge :)


Andrea said...

LOL! I guess I'm going to have to take a trip to Vancouver in the summer one year. :-P

Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Omg hilarious!