Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's still broad daylight at 8 PM

Does anyone from an area NOT up north want to know how tough it is to convince an over-tired kid to go to bed at 7:30, especially since 7:30 PM is pretty much as much daylight as mid-afternoon? Thankfully we won the battle with Ethan. Vivian, however, is crawling around the living room and occasionally escaping into Ethan's room.  Seriously, every time I say "hey- where are you going?" she crawls so fast that I can barely see her little legs in motion.  :)

We had a nice day today- great sermon at church, then a quick trip to the mall, where I found cute shoes for the bridesmaid's dress! Hurray, Payless Shoes!  Now I just have to drag the dress and shoes and kids to one of the local stores that does alterations to get that on the road. Daniel and I were talking today today about which place I was going to take my dress to- he started to ask me if the place that I was thinking of going was run by Asian people, then we both laughed, because, of course, it was.  (He is Chinese, so we are NOT being racially insensitive here).  The truth is- pretty much every drycleaner/alteration store in the area is run by Asian people. And his uncle and aunt run one up in BC.

I'm still secretly freaking out about the alterations, especially since the alteration places nearby are all run by 75 pound Asian women.  Because it means putting on my dress in front of these thin people and looking enormous in comparison.  But it's all worth it to have a well-fitting dress, right?

In other news- I AM SO TIRED.  Not really tired, just feeling incapable of dealing with other day of the kids fighting and bickering and whatnot.  If you live nearby and have free time this week- PLEASE- visit me! I have nothing planned and am lonely and need company! I will give you coffee and maybe even low-fat brownies!  And my kids are cute!

And in other other news- I'm going to go running again tomorrow to do (again) day 2 of week 3 of Couch to 5K.  I'm hoping to make it for a few weeks before my knees collapse on me again. Liz gave me a helpful hint for knee braces this week, and I need to get those so that I can keep running and lose weight and then stop hurting my knees so much by being enormous and heavy. It's such a vicious cycle- it's hard to run because I'm overweight and out of shape, but in order to stop being overweight and out of shape I need to run...

Okay, that's all I've got. But seriously, Seattle people- come see me! Please!

Answers for Lindsay! Because I don't know how else to answer you!  Yes, I'm training for  5K in September.  I wish that walking would help me get in shape, since I walk most days with the 50+ pounds of kids and 15+ pounds of stroller. But, sadly, that exercise just keeps me from sinking deeper into fatness.  I also have Wii games and DVDs and such, but those also only seem to keep my attention for about 3 minutes at a time. There's something about running that does appeal to me- maybe it's because of coming from a family of runners. Or just the actually getting out on my own for a few minutes in the morning. I'm not sure, but as long as my body is cooperating, I'm really liking the C25K program.


Lindsay said...

Don't fret about the alterers being petite! You are providing them business and that's all they care about. Awesome that you're still running; bummer about the knees. Are you training for a specific race? Or running for other reasons? If it's for other reasons I wonder if walking would provide the same benefits?

maggie said...

We are free this week! What morning would work for you? Tues/Weds/Thurs?

Ashley said...

I'd love to get together this week with you! Email me about which days work best for you and where. :) I'm a little nervous to take Kirsten out because we just did the whole potty-training weekend, but I'm going stir-crazy staying home!