Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm registered for my first 5K!!!!

So, today I bit the bullet and registered for my first 5K. Daniel didn't understand why I was registering almost 2 whole months before the deadline (have I mentioned that I do everything early and he does everything last minute?  Yeah, that makes for some fun times in our marriage....), but I told him that I needed to be financially committed so that I could stick with these last weeks of training.  Apparently I chose well, as it's a flat 5K (and even a flat 10K!). Which, if you've ever run in the Seattle area, you know is a rarity. 

I'll be running the Snoqualmie Railroad Days 5K.  If my best friend is willing to tag along and watch the kids, Daniel's going to run too. If not, he'll stay with the kids while I run. And, in other fun news, Liz and her husband are going to run it too! Liz is going to be two-time half-marathoner by then, so she'll probably finish the 10K by the time I finish the 5K, but I'll try not to dislike her. Too much :) 

I'm oddly excited about this. Oddly because I'm a high heel and makeup and pearl-wearing type of woman, yet I'm somehow thriving on this public humiliation/exercise.  I haven't succeeded in anything new in a while now, and I feel like there's hope that I can pull this off.  And that's a good feeling.

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