Sunday, June 13, 2010

I really need another weekend to recover from the weekend

1) So, Friday night I picked up Daniel and work and we headed north. And Vivian stubbornly refused to nap and whined and cried until just before the border. And then she fell asleep. And then we got picked for random screening and had to get out of the car and go into the office and have the car searched.  But it was okay, because if she had stayed asleep, she probably would have been up all night. It was also pretty funny, because we had told Ethan that we were going into Canada right before the border, so when we were in the large, echoing office, he kept pointing at the maple leaf on the signs and saying (loudly) "CANADA!!! CANADA!!!" Not surprisingly, the Canadian border officials realized fairly quickly that we were not dangerous and didn't have anything illegal, and we were on our way in only about 20 minutes. 

2) Daniel's cousin had an outdoor wedding on Saturday at Stanley Park in Vancouver. This is a huge tourist destination and the wedding ended up being part of the sightseeing tour and photographed by many strangers. Ethan and I were walking around during the wedding and overheard a tourist saying to her husband "try to get a picture of the bride's face!"  It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous wedding and Daniel's cousin is very pretty, but it still seems odd to take pictures of someone else's wedding.

3) The groom in the wedding is Caucasian and the bride (obviously) is Chinese. It was SO weird to be sitting on the Chinese side at the wedding and to be at the Chinese table for dim sum today!

4) Dude- Saturday's soccer game of the US versus England? Wow. And I don't even like soccer much, but am still getting sucked into all this World Cup enthusiasm. 

5) I ran on the treadmill at my in-laws condo's fitness room this weekend. I love running on Canadian equipment- it has a display in km/hour! I'm suddenly going 5.5 when walking and 8.5 when running! I'm fast!  I choose to not convert those to what they really are.

6) When does this running thing get easier? 5 minutes of running (I'm on week 4 of C25K) is SO long and I don't always make it. 

7) Tomorrow I have to go in for a cholesterol check. Which is spectacularly good timing, since I've eaten nothing but hors d'oeuvres and Chinese food all weekend.  But I've been putting it off for several weeks and there is no more time to delay.  Should be interesting!

8) I'm sure I had other interesting things to share with you from this weekend, but I'm sleepy now and forgot. I'll try to remember and share with you tomorrow. Aren't you SO excited :)

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