Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am so screwed

So, Ethan didn't walk until almost 18 months. He still doesn't really climb on things and gets scared by... everything.  Daniel and I (erroneously) believed that such things would be true for baby #2.

Today I put out the stroller, left Vivian at one side of the living room, and then went a few feet away into Ethan's room to put on his shoes. Keep in mind that our entire home is only three rooms in 900 square feet. I was not far away and not gone for long.  I came into the kitchen area of the living room to find this:

That, my friends, is why I make sure the door is deadbolted locked and the windows are all shut EVERY time I go to the bathroom and leave the kids alone.  

She's only a year and 15 days old! And she's already been responsible for about 300% more grey hairs than her brother. I am doomed! 


Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Our girls are dare devils! :) Audrey is not only walking, she is RUNNING! :)

Andrea said...

Emma didn't walk until 15 months, and Megan at 14 months is probably going to be the same way. Emma didn't climb until recently, but Megan has been taking cues from her older sister. Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen leaving Megan in her high chair with a cheese stick while I made the rest of her food. I could see her so it was no big deal. I turned to the fridge and turned back and she was standing on the TRAY of her high chair leaning over holding onto the back of the chair section and shaking her booty. HEART ATTACK as I jumped the gate to get to her before she fell.....!

I feel your pain