Sunday, June 27, 2010


When I was in my last year of college, I lived on the top floor of a very, very old house in a small city in Tennessee. We're talking just-post Civil War era, if not earlier. The house was occupied by descendants of the original owners and there were generations of boxes and belongings everywhere. The entire second floor of the house wasn't even used for anything other than storage.  There was even an old elevator that was no longer in use.  A totally cool house.

Except for the bug problem. My particular issue was with the silverfish/earwigs. There is nothing in this world creepier. One dropped on me one day as I sat on the couch and I NEVER sat on the couch again. I spent all my leisure time in a chair in the middle of the room where nothing could fall on me from the walls. My friend who lived with me one summer still mocks me for that. But whatever, I stayed bug free after that incident.

When I lived in Ukraine I dealt with the most enormous cockroaches of all times, but they pretty much stuck to the kitchen and nighttime.  I didn't bother them too much and they stayed away from me. Not my favorite thing, but less traumatic.

So I've been a happy camper lately, living for the past 4 years in a fairly new building, far away from nature and bugs and all things of that nature.  Until one day last month, when I found a silverfish IN MY BED.  I killed it, freaked out, washed everything in sight, and blamed the really old book that I had been reading in bed.

And then a few weeks ago I found another one on the wall. And the next week one in our master bathroom. And today another on my bedroom wall.  All just in the bedroom and our bathroom.  So I went online and did some research and found out that these creepy things thrive in high humidity and rooms that are 70-80 degrees. Our bedroom/bathroom are pretty much the poster child for this description. My entire condo is generally at least 80 degrees, thanks to the afternoon sun, but lately we've been having trouble with our bathroom always seeming damp and our room is humid.  Apparently the bugs thought the same and moved in from somewhere.


Now I'm running the dehumidifier in our room and trying to cool it off and dry it out. And we're running the bathroom fan non-stop.  I will also be sleeping with one eye open from now on.  And I think that if I find one more creepy bug in my bedroom, I'm moving out.  It's just not right.  Shudder.

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Andrea said...

We call those "pincher bugs" and they are around a lot here in Texas. They don't bother me. Roaches are quite possibly the most disgusting creatures of satan on earth, as are spiders. We have these small brown spiders here that JUMP when you try to smash them. It freaks me out. But I can kill a spider, its the roaches I can't go near. My first week living in Houston a (I kid you not) 3 1/2 inches long flew into our apt. Absolute horror as I locked myself in my room waiting to hear William kill it and flush it.

I'm wish you on the bed thing though, a bed should be a clean safe place, finding bugs in bed is an invasion....:-(