Sunday, June 27, 2010

First haircut!

This couldn't be included in the post about the bugs. I just couldn't do that to Vivian :)

So, this weekend I got a haircut and Daniel got a haircut and I decided that I'd had enough of Vivian's hair and that it was time for her to get a haircut. And yes, I was willing to pay the crazy high price for "baby's first haircut". I needed the whole experience for Ethan and needed it again for Vivian!

This is how Ethan reacted to his first haircut, so we weren't sure what to expect with Vivian:
That picture still cracks me up

We showed up, put Vivian in the haircut chair and she just looked at us like the whole thing was old hat. Seriously, she's the most chill baby ever.  Not a peep out of her the entire time. She barely looked up from the toy box. Ethan was a little concerned for her though. 

The result isn't vastly different from before, but it's more tidy and we got rid of the baby dreadlocks in the back and it's all just tidier looking in general. The bangs are a tad bit short. If you're my facebook friend you know that I compared her current look to the young Spock in the last Star Trek movie :)

Oh, and she also started walking this week! Big, big week for Vivian!!!

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