Saturday, June 5, 2010


We had such a nice day today- Vivian's birthday party went well this morning and most of our friends were able to make it.  We had fun eating cupcakes and the kids ran around the museum and checked out the exhibits, then a group of us trekked upstairs and ate yummy Filipino food at the cultural festival going on at Seattle Center. I was eating lunch while sitting on a bench next to Vivian in her stroller, just across the sidewalk from everyone else, who was sitting on the grass. And I looked up and saw my husband and son and them laughing with our friends... I was just overwhelmed by how much God has blessed us to live in such a beautiful part of the world and to have such wonderful people in our lives (and I'm not just talking about those who were at lunch today!).

After Vivian took a long nap, we went out to look for shoes to go with my bridesmaid's dress. This was one of the few times that Vivian and I had been shopping on our own, and it was fun to be out doing a mom/daughter activity with her.  I know we'll have many more fun shopping trips in the years to come! Vivian did draw some attention at Target for reasons other than her cuteness though- she has a set of lungs on her, and whenever I did something that she disapproved of (touching the handle of the shopping cart, being too slow to get her her sippy cup, not letting her chew on the grocery cart...) she would let out the most ear-piercing shriek. People kept turning and staring at me. I know they were thinking that I was torturing the cute little baby :)

Now Daniel and Ethan have gone out to enjoy the last of the 70 degrees and sunshine, while Vivian and I hang out here and play with her birthday presents. It's been a long birthday celebration, but we've had such fun with family and friends.  Now I'm done with throwing parties until Ethan turns 5! I'm sure August 2012 will be here before I know it....

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