Thursday, June 3, 2010

And they wonder why we're not hopping a plane to visit

On Tuesday my brother and his wife left Seattle to fly home to their home in East Tennessee. They left Seattle at 9 AM and made it to their house at 4:30 AM the next day, thanks to delayed flights in Atlanta.  My brother went straight to work and his wife slept a few hours before heading off to her job. The joys of being self-employed!

This morning my parents left- supposedly on a 6 AM flight out of Seattle. Their flight actually left at 9:30, arriving an hour past the time that their connecting flight left. Which put them into the airport where their car was at 10:40 PM, instead of 4 PM.  They're due to arrive home at 2 AM the next day.  Their luggage is not with them.

And they all wonder whey we balk at flying east with two small kids. Seriously.  What is an annoyance for adults is a hardship with small people in tow.

In other news- one more day until I get to see most of my friends at Vivian's birthday party! I think I'm looking forward to it more than Vivian or Ethan or pretty much anyone else- I haven't seen much of my friends lately and I've missed them! And we get to eat cupcakes! Hurray!!!

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