Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was feeding Vivian lunch today, watching her as she sat in her booster chair at the dining table, drinking her formula out of a sippy cup. And I was a little overwhelmed once again with the realization that my baby has grown up so fast.  Less than a month until she's 1... and I know it's only going to go faster from now on.

We just took away Ethan's paci this weekend. Several friends of mine with children who are considerably younger than Ethan have mentioned taking away their kids' pacifiers, and Ethan has a dentist appointment next month, so I decided it was time. Limiting to bedtime hasn't worked lately and the silly paci seemed to be showing up in his mouth every time I turned around. Sunday I'd had enough and took it away. Fortunately, I'd just gotten a toy for review on the review blog and I bribed him with that, and it's been super easy. We also told him to say goodbye to the pacis and that they were going away on an airplane to Paciland. He has asked a few times about them, then when we ask where the pacis are, he always says "airplane" and doesn't ask again. 

The only drawback so far with this transition is that he doesn't want to do quiet time in his room anymore.  By and large he hasn't napped in months, but I could usually bribe him to play quietly for a little while by giving him his pacifier.  Still, a small price to pay to get rid of the pacifier.

It's funny, transitions like no paci and big boy bed were things that we were super worried about, and they've been really easy. Potty training turned out to be a valid fear- I knew that would be hard and it was. I only say "was" because we gave up on that and will attempt it again soon. I'm hoping for better luck later.

I guess this a lot like life itself. So many of the things that we fear never come to pass. Some concerns do turn out to be as bad as we imagined, but many don't. 

In other news, avoid pretzel m&ms if you are trying to maintain/lose weight or if you have no willpower.  They are the most delicious thing EVER.  I'm eating my second bag right now.  Bye-bye WW points for today!

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